Top Minecraft Survival servers


Top Minecraft Survival servers

Every Minecraft player, after playing for a while alone, feels the need to connect with other players. Minecraft servers are a great option for all involved.

There are so many servers out there that it can be difficult to find a home. This is why we created this list of top survival servers for 2019, so you can be sure to find at least one community.

Servers will be dedicated to many different activities, each with varying levels of difficulty. Survival is the key to all of them.


Ever wonder if you could put all of the Earth on one Minecraft server? Minecraft allows you to do this.

This server is meticulously designed to accurately reflect real-life locations and includes Europe, Asia and the Americas.

You can also try diplomacy and start a country, make alliances, create your military forces, or even conquer the Earth.

Royal Legacy

SkyBlock servers are one of the most well-known server types in Minecraft. SkyBlock-themed worlds are a favorite of mine, so make sure you check out the Royal Legacy server. It's currently the largest.

It is amazing to see the size of the floating island from which players can spawn. You can choose to play in survival mode or prison escape on this server.


Wildercraft is a vanilla Minecraft alternative in the wilderness. You will still have access to all the biomes and resources but on a more difficult difficulty.

Wildercraft is not recommended to new players. If you have been playing Minecraft for a while and are ready to tackle a more difficult challenge, you can join this fantastic server that is nature-themed.

Fruit Servers

You don't need to waste your time on one server when you can have all the modes at once. Fruit Servers is a multi-server dedicated platform for Minecraft. It offers everything, from prison escape games to SkyBlock survival and creative networks.

This server is a wonderful place to play and enjoy your free time. You can change the mode and enjoy all that this server has to provide.

Azertu Minecraft

Azertu is the best choice if you enjoy exploring different types of towns. This server is dedicated to one goal: creating as many towns as possible.

This server is very laid back and the people don't seem to be bothered by all the stress that can occur on other servers. It is so relaxing to visit all of the towns people have made.

Corbacraft Network

This Minecraft server provides three survival options: Lothar and Philia.

Lothar is a large city built by players. It offers many different jobs and a custom-built economy.

Philia, a PvP game mode, is more difficult than Lothar for survival. Players can make their own gear and follow their rules.

Aurelia, a Minecraft survival experience in nature that is very easy to master, is an example of a typical Minecraft survival mode.

Pickaxe Mania

What is the most important thing to a Minecraft player? The land! You must claim your piece of land to make this server a success.

Pickaxe Mania is a unique way to defend your Minecraft property and conquer it. You can also invest in the local economy, which offers jobs and more mechanics based on real life.

Treasure Island Network

Are you a fan of pirates? This server is the perfect place to fulfill your pirate-loving fantasies. This server provides a survival Minecraft experience that is pirate-themed.

Fantasy features include magic loot and lucky boxes, craft books, RPG elements, and many other things. There is also a prison located on an island where players can fight for their freedom.

Overall, the server is so much fun you won't want to leave.

Eos Craft

Eos Craft is the longest-running server in Minecraft's history. Since 2010, it has been moderated.

Staff are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. They make sure the server is family-friendly at all costs.

Eos Craft is not only a survival game, but also offers many PvP arenas such as Spleef and Infection, Mob Arenas, Paintball, and many more.

Memewind: Memes Die Twice

This Minecraft server is the perfect choice for those who are tired of boring, well-behaved communities and strict admins.

This server does not allow for moderation. The only thing the creators do not like is cheating.

This is where you can express yourself and speak your mind on Minecraft servers. It's also updated with tons of gameplay content, so there's bound to be something that you love.