The Best Servers for new Players


The Best Servers for new Players

With thousands of Minecraft servers freely available for players to join, it can't be easy and perhaps even daunting for Minecraft newbies to find the perfect server to play.

No matter if it's survival, skyblock, prison or prison, the best Minecraft servers for new players are those that offer well-documented tutorials.

A Minecraft server's community is another thing that makes it ideal for beginners. Servers that are most appropriate for beginners almost always have a large and helpful community of volunteers who moderate, administer, and help players with anything they need on an everyday basis.

Notable: This list is solely based on the authors' opinions. Other opinions may be significantly different.


Purple Prison is one of the biggest prison servers for Minecraft and features an extensive set of tutorials and guides to help new players.

The server will not overcomplicate gameplay. This is to cater to those who may not have been familiar with the Minecraft prison game mode in the past.

This guide explains how new players get started on the server. IP:'s Minecraft server was founded (and still maintained by) the original developer of Minecraft Skyblock plugin. He is credited with inventing the mechanics behind this game mode. is an excellent choice for players who are new to Skyblock or Minecraft in general.

One of the most impressive is the nine-year-long server uptime. This allows for meticulously developed and improved gameplay.

CubeCraft Games IP address:

CubeCraft Games, a popular Minecraft minigame server that hosts thousands of players per day, is hugely popular.

There are many mini-games on the server that can be played quickly and easily.

CubeCraft welcomes players from other language communities. There are several chat channels that allow you to communicate with one another in languages other than English.

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Mineplex IP:

Mineplex, although not as well-known as it was in the past, is still a huge Minecraft server. Mineplex, despite being nearly eight years old is still one of the most important Minecraft servers.

Mineplex has a multitude of minigames for players to choose from, including some of the most popular such as Block Hunt, Survival games and Skywars.

Mineplex is similar to other minigame servers. However, they are easy to learn but not so simple to play.

Safe Survival IP:

Safe survival is a hidden gem for players who are looking for a simple survival server without too many plugins.

Safe survival, although not very popular, is very welcoming to new players. It was created with Minecraft beginners in mind. This server was created in 2015, but it has been updated with each version of Minecraft.

Safe survival is a gameplay-wise survival server. It features grief-protected land that can be claimed by all players, and the “keep your inventory” setting.

These features make Minecraft's survival much easier, and are especially well-suited for beginners.