Minecraft Youtubers


Minecraft Youtubers

There are thousands of Minecraft YouTubers out there sharing meticulously composed Minecraft builds, exploring fun Minecraft servers with their friends, discovering weird and wonderful Minecraft mods, publishing Minecraft tutorials, let's plays, or even racing to complete the game as fast as humanly possible.

If you are looking for blocky entertainment, we have gotten dressed up and gone down to the mines. We found a variety of Minecraft creators offering a wide range of videos. We hope you find some new Minecraft YouTubers.

These are the top Minecraft YouTubers


TrixyBlox is well-known for his impressive, inspiring Minecraft builds. He has hundreds of hours of hand-built Minecraft creations. His videos are condensed through timelapse and narration to show his creative process. His creations are amazing, drawing inspiration from films, video games and his own brilliant ideas. It is truly amazing to see his ideas come to life. If his videos have inspired your creativity and you are eager to start building, he has a video of 50 Building Tip & Tricks to help you get started.


Pixlriffs Minecraft Survival Guide is a great resource for anyone who is new to Minecraft or just wants to learn more about the game. You'll also find cool build tutorials and Let's Play videos of different maps. There's even a mod showcase.


Philza, who is currently in his fourth hardcore run, is well-known for his five-year Minecraft run. Although he is not recommended for younger viewers, Philza has a lot to offer. The stakes are high as Philza tries to survive the wrathful Minecraft mobs.

Viggoman Plays

Viggoman's amazing creations are a must-see for Minecraft builders. His videos feature stunning timelapse builds of intricately designed medieval Minecraft villages and castles. However, he also has an ongoing Minecraft Survival Multiplayer playthrough where he works with friends to build smaller projects. You can also find helpful tutorials that include simple and stylish builds, such as several charming Minecraft homes.


After an incredible rise in YouTube popularity, Dream is now one of the most popular Minecraft content creators.


HermitCraft is not a channel. It's a Minecraft server that has been in existence since 2012 and is populated by a few Minecraft YouTubers. Over the years, it has evolved into a YouTube family consisting of a few 'Hermits' who upload videos from their HermitCraft adventures on their respective YouTube channels. Mumbo Jumbo, Grian and Grian are the most well-known HermitCrafters, but all Hermits are knowledgeable and entertaining and are dedicated to making HermitCraft a fun and enjoyable experience.


MrCrayfish is an author of many mods and uploads videos to YouTube of his new creations. MrCrayfish's Minecraft furniture modification is well-known. He also has a number of other mods including backpacks and vehicles. Perhaps most important, a mod that lets you pet your tamed Wolf. You can also find tutorials on how to make your own tools – great for budding Minecraft developers.


Illumina is a top Minecraft speedrunner – players who try to finish the game as quickly as possible. Illumina's speedrun category – any% random seeds glitchless – is especially exciting. Each run generates a random Minecraft seed, which the player must discover and adapt, creating a strategy. We conducted a Minecraft speedrun interview back in 2019 with Illumina if you are interested in finding out more.