Best multiplayer maps in Minecraft


Best multiplayer maps in Minecraft

Multiplayer has been a key feature of Minecraft for many years. It allows you to share some of the most innovative ideas and maps with your friends. The sheer number of maps available can make it seem overwhelming in today's game.

This choice comes with a benefit: there are dozens of maps and servers that can be used to create unique experiences with friends. There are many memories to be made.

Minecraft: The 5 Best Maps to Play with Friends in 2022

5) Elytra Fall

Elytra Fall is an interactive map that combines a multiplayer CTM (or complete the monument) experience with an elytra flying route. To complete their monument, players must use an elytra to traverse the map.

This map is great for friends who are competitive and want to race their friends to finish the map. Each track should take approximately 1.7 minutes. This makes it a short map that players can return over and over to, in an effort to complete the most quickly possible.

4) Outbreak 2

Outbreak 2 is, as the name suggests, a sequel to Outbreak. The map places players in an abandoned city called Amiro. A group of up to eight players will have to work together in order to explore the city and find loot, clues, and information about the city's demise. They must also fight off undead.

3) A Machine for Piglins

A Machine for Piglins, an adventure map, is based on the same concept as its name: A Machine for Pigs. This was the much-maligned sequel of Amnesia The Dark Descent. It was also known as Amnesia : A Machine for Pigs.

This map has between 30-60 minutes of content. It includes puzzles, parkour, death runs and even multiplayer support. You can team up with your friends to solve the mystery of the machine that produces piglins.

2) Payday 2 – Endgame

This map and its prequel Payday: The Minecraft Heist will be familiar to anyone who is familiar with the Payday franchise. They're trying to recreate the Payday games within Minecraft. Payday 2: Endgame features seven heists. Four of them are adaptations of Payday 2's heists.

A custom resource pack that includes animated textures, sounds, mobs and item shops can be used to mask up up to four heisters. Anyone looking to change the game and push the boundaries of the game should check out Payday 2, Endgame.

1) Skyblock

Skyblock is one the most famous survival maps in the entire game's history. It was the survival island concept. This is the idea of using a seed to create a world, and then the player must stay there for the entire game.

Skyblock does not offer an honorary system that allows you to be on an island and promise to send you faraway land if necessary. Instead, it spawns the only land it wants, with no other options than the void.

It can be done solo or with friends. However, the Skyblock experience is enhanced by the increased risk of making mistakes and the lack of resources. This will create unforgettable memories.