Best Minecraft client fps-wise


Best Minecraft client fps-wise

Although Minecraft is not the most graphically demanding of games, it can still cause significant load to some systems. Gaming on low-end computers can experience lag and frame drops.

There are many ways to optimize Minecraft for better performance. A client that is specifically designed to increase FPS is one of the best methods to achieve this.

If you are looking for maximum FPS, then any of these clients can be used. Many Minecraft servers have their own clients.

Feather Client

Feather Client, a new client, was just released a few weeks back. It is the most optimized client to date. Many players report incredible FPS levels compared to Vanilla Minecraft.

Feather's most distinctive feature is its ability to run any Forge or Fabric Mod they wish (provided that the version is supported). This is a significant game changer as it allows players to get a lot of performance boosts when they play their favorite modpacks.

Other popular clients don't support mods, it should be noted. Feather is the best choice for anyone looking to modify their game. This client will deliver incredible FPS even for those who don't plan to modify their game.

Lunar Client

Lunar Client is more well-known than Feather client, but it does not allow users to modify their game with mods. Although this restriction may seem restrictive, Lunar Client is still preferred, especially by players in the PvP community. Lunar also has their own 1v1 practice server, called “Lunar Network.” This server is the most well-known Minecraft duel server.

Lunar Client is a great client for improving game performance and FPS. It offers significant performance optimizations, just like Feather client.


LabyMod is the last but not least, which is one of the most popular Minecraft clients. Although LabyMod's improvements may not be as significant as Feather or Lunar Client, it still offers massive FPS gains to the average user. LabyMod, like Lunar Client can be used on all types of servers.